Rachel Dolan

I first started working in the Audiology Profession in 1989. I qualified as an Audiologist in 1991 and have been a member of the British Audiological Society ever since. My family and I moved to New Zealand in 2016 and I’ve been working in the private sector here in Christchurch and loving it. I am now currently working towards converting my qualifications to enable me to become a member of the New Zealand Audiological Society.

Originally from Staffordshire in England, I have always worked for the National Health Service (NHS), gaining a wealth of experience with all ages ranging from 1 day old to 100+ years old. Working predominantly in a hospital setting, I have been lucky to not only gain experience fitting Hearing Aids but with more complex Paediatric testing and Adult balance and rehabilitation work too.

As an Audiologist I pride myself on providing the best experience I can for my clients. I always try to put myself in their shoes and take every care to listen carefully to each individual’s needs. That is why I love this job so much, everyone is so different which makes every day different.

Working for the National Health Service has always limited my selection of hearing aids for my clients, so now working privately I am able to fit the very best technology available, which makes such a big difference to the success of using hearing aids.

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*Hearing check at no cost is only available to adults aged 18 or above, excludes GP/ENT referrals.

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