Martin Robertson

I have been working in the Audiology Industry since 2010. I started as a Workplace Health Assessor and from there went onto become an Audiometrist through TAFE in Sydney and subsequently, passed my exams to become an Audiometrist member of the New Zealand Audiology Society.

Audiology is such a feel-good career. Every single day I get to offer solutions to clients who not only have a hearing problem but through that problem have often become disconnected from the life they used to live. Hearing loss is an invisible disability and can be so isolating.

To someone who has put up with a hearing problem for a long time, I would say because of the gradual decline in your hearing, you no longer know what normal hearing is like. You don’t know what you are missing out on. Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and get checked out.

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*Hearing check at no cost is only available to adults aged 18 or above, excludes GP/ENT referrals.

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