Kirsty Gerlach

After 33 years of working in the field of audiology, I am no less delighted and challenged by my job today. Graduating with a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders, Audiology from California State University in Long Beach those many years ago, I started my career as an Educational Audiologist among the hearing impaired students of Los Angeles schools. Returning to my home country of NZ in 2002 I have worked in both the public hospital and private clinic arena, dealing with patients from birth to the very elderly.

The vast variety of presentations of hearing loss and how it impacts an individual make this a most interesting career. The science of hearing loss and our association with the medical profession keep us alert for the critical importance of accuracy in our diagnostic assessments. And together with all that is the fascinating evolution of improved technology. This is focused in the area of sound processing and amplification, and is modelled on how the brain actually hears and responds to sound. Stuff that keeps the aging clinician’s brain active and young!

For me, there is no reward greater than the gratefulness of clients and family, who have been able to re-establish relationship and communication confidence through my role as audiologist. A job well done!

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*Hearing check at no cost is only available to adults aged 18 or above, excludes GP/ENT referrals.

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