Emma Towns

I have been an audiologist for over 14 years and joined the HearingLife team in 2013.
I hold a Bachelor degree in Physiology (BSc) and also a Master’s degree in Audiology (MAud), that were both obtained from the University of Auckland. Since graduating in 2002, I have worked with children and adults in the public and private sectors in Auckland. I currently manage the HearingLife Manurewa clinic and act as a supervisor to new graduate audiologists.
Audiology has been an extremely rewarding career as it has enabled me to improve the quality of life for hundreds of people. There is a famous quote from Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf: “blindness separates people from things, deafness separates people from people”. Enabling individuals with hearing loss to reconnect with their loved ones and engage more fully in life has been extremely gratifying. Working in a field of tremendous technological advances has also been very exciting. I look forward to helping many more people realize their hearing potential.

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*Hearing check at no cost is only available to adults aged 18 or above, excludes GP/ENT referrals.

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