Bryan Dew

I have worked in the hearing industry since 2000, initially as a hearing aid repair technician, before training as an Audiometrist. I hold a Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation and am an Audiometrist Member of the New Zealand Audiology Society. I am also trained to perform ear wax removal by micro-suction.

One area that I particularly find interesting is the use of innovative technologies in modern hearing devices that enable wireless phone calls, streaming sound from television, wireless music and many other applications. We really do have a solution now for every situation.

I have had hearing loss myself for many years and as a result am an experienced hearing aid user. I truly understand what my clients go through, and appreciate the difference that good devices can make. The emotional reward I get from seeing my clients getting their life back through the gift of hearing is sometimes indescribable. I look forward to hearing your story and seeing what a difference I can make for you too.

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*Hearing check at no cost is only available to adults aged 18 or above, excludes GP/ENT referrals.

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